Gender Sensitive Urban Design Implementation Toolkit

The Gender Sensitive Urban Design (GSUD) Toolkit is a comprehensive resource designed to provide designers with essential principles, practices, and strategies for creating inclusive public spaces. With a particular focus on the needs of women, girls, gender diverse...

Active Travel Plan and Design Guide

This Plan outlines ACT Government priorities for strengthening active travel and improving quality of life. Projects included throughout demonstrate what these priorities mean in practice.

National Walking and Cycling Participation Survey 2023

The National Walking and Cycling Participation Survey (NWCPS) provides insight into walking and cycling activity across Australia and is a successor to the National Cycling Participation Survey which was conducted biennially from 2011 to 2019.

Active Travel to School: Ride or Walk to School (Safe Cycle)

PROGRAM FEATURES:  Free access to sets of loan bikes for five weeks Safe Cycle: an Australian Curriculum aligned classroom program for students to learn about bike safety and skills TQI Accredited Professional Learning workshops or online training Resources and...

Active Travel to School Program: School Crossing Supervisors

PROGRAM FEATURES:  School crossing supervisors (lollipop people) to assist children to cross roads safely by directing traffic with a stop sign and providing instructions. They also help to manage the flow of pedestrians and motorists at the busiest crossings....