CWANZ is excited to announce that we are launching a series of Communities of Practice (CoPs) to provide forums for members and non-members of CWANZ to discuss ideas and topics and help develop solutions to problems.

The first will be the Cycling for Sustainable Cities CoP, after the webinar of the same title presented by John Pucher and Ralph Buehler.

The purpose of the Cycling for Sustainable Cities CoP is to:

  • Discuss common challenges faced by CoP members relating to increasing the number of people riding bikes; and
  • Share knowledge on ways to overcome those challenges.

The topics selected for discussion will fall within one of CWANZ’s six themes:

  • Articulating Benefits of Active Transport
  • Behaviour Change (particularly active transport to school)
  • Data
  • Information Sharing
  • Reputation
  • Road Safety

More information on each them is provided here.

CoP members will choose the theme(s) to frame the topics by a vote before the first meeting. The goals and objectives of each member will be discussed at the first meeting and used to inform the discussions and select the topics.

The first meeting is planned on Wednesday 29 November 2021 via Microsoft Teams.

To register your interest, please sign up here. Applications close COB Friday 29 October 2021.



Executive Officer