Friday 20 September 2024, 2.30-4pm AEST

Explore new design and planting guidelines from Murdoch University for a comprehensive guide on how to create cycleways or walk trails in urban areas.

This engaging, visual presentation provides a comprehensive guide on all aspects of how to create a cycleway or walk trail in an urban area, that enables people to connect with nature on their journey while also providing vital connectivity (NatureLinks) for our wildlife. 

The project was undertaken by Rachel Peterson as an internship with NatureLink Perth in 2023, under the supervision of program Director, Jane Chambers. In May 2019, the United Nations reported that 1 million species of plants and animals were under threat of extinction. Much of this biodiversity is concentrated in small areas on the planet (~2.4%). The south west of Western Australia is one such spot. `Biodiversity hotspots’ are where exceptional concentrations of endemic species (plants and animals that occur nowhere else in the world) are undergoing exceptional loss of habitat (>70%). 

Acting now in biodiversity hotspots will make a huge difference to our city and our planet. Perth is one of the most biodiverse areas in the south west WA hotspot. We must embrace nature in the city if we are to sustain our unique plants and animals into the future.

Hosted by Engineers Australia, the webinar will be presented by Jane Chambers, moderated by Sam Bolton.

There will be question and answer opportunities during the session.

Flyer for webinar on Biodiversity Corridors


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