Road Planning and Design Manual

The Road Planning and Design Manual is the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads’ primary reference for the planning and design of roads. It refers designers to the relevant Austroads publications for technical requirements, and outlines where...

Traffic control devices manual (TCD manual)

The Traffic control devices manual (TCD manual) provides guidance on industry best practice, including, where necessary, practice mandated by law in relation to the use of traffic control devices.

Standard safety intervention toolkit

The Standard Safety Intervention toolkit provides guidance for road safety practitioners on the effectiveness and value-for-money cost range of proven safety interventions to reduce the number of people killed and seriously injured on Aotearoa roads.

Cycle Route Directional Signage Example

An example of the process that can be used to map and plan the direction signs required to navigate along a cycle route. The example used is the Battery Point section of the Sandy Bay to Hobart and return route.