STREET NAME: Liebig Street between Raglan Parade and Merri Street

SUBURB: Warnambool

MUNICIPALITY: City of Warrnambool

STATE & COUNTRY: Victoria, Australia

SPEED REDUCTION: From 40 km/h to 30 km/h



  • Widening of footpaths to include alfresco dining
  • Painted on road bike sharrows in each direction
  • Wombat crossings on roundabouts
  • Reduction of traffic lanes from two to one
  • Activation of Laneways which lead to off street parking
  • Installation of dwell-time infrastructure- seating, public art
  • Wombat Crossings midblock
  • Improvement to Pavement/kerb and channel to allow easy access for everyone

COST: Not available


The projects’ infrastructure has successfully created a welcoming pedestrian priority experience in the City Centre.

From the data:

Reduction in speed to under 30km/hr:

  • 2021 85%tile- 25.4km/hr
  • 2018 85%tile- 38.3km/hr

Liebig Street Crashes (2011-2015): Pedestrian – 4 (2 aged 70+), Car – 2, Bicycle – 1

Liebig Street Crashes (2016-2020) (*note construction was 2018/19 and COVID): Car – 2

Safe Systems Road Safety Rating Improvement: Liebig/Koriot- 114 to 87 and Liebig/Lava- 113.5 to 82


  • Lower speed limit and changes to intersection layout = reduce likelihood and severity of crash types
  • Widened Zebra crossings provide pedestrian priority and consolidate pedestrian movement


The scheme included signage only. With additional infrastructure calming measures such as curb extensions, speed bumps, intersection platforms, further speed reduction improvements would be expected.

The choice control region for this study was not seen as ideal.