SUBURB: Multiple


STATE & COUNTRY: Western Australia, Australia

SPEED REDUCTION: From 50 km/h to 30 km/h

DATE IMPLEMENTED: September 2017 – ongoing


  • Connections to off-road shared paths
  • Links community amenites e.g. schools, railway stations, shops
  • Blue and white Safe Active Street road patches at major entry points
  • 30 km/h speed limit signs
  • Raised platforms at intersections
  • Single-lane slow points
  • Narrowing street widths by introducing on-street parking and plantings
  • Changing stop/give-way signs to give priority to movements along the Safe Active Street
  • Using traffic islands and medians to restrict car movements at intersections, while allowing movements in all directions for people on bikes and on foot
  • Introducing new pedestrian or bike crossings
  • Introducing bicycle symbol road markings in the centre of each unmarked lane, to encourage cyclists to take the lane
  • Lateral shifts in the carriageway to reduce sightlines (i.e. swapping formalised on-street parking and new tree planting nibs from one side of the street to the other
  • Additional tree planting and landscaping make them more attractive places to walk or ride

COST: Not available


Evaluation currently being undertaken and is due to be released in 2023.


Scheme is ongoing, with more locations continually being added. Lessons from previous implementations are being introduced for each one.

RESULTS OF EVALUATION: Not yet available (due 2023)