SUBURB: Multiple

MUNICIPALITY: City of Chalres Sturt, Adelaide

STATE & COUNTRY: South Australia, Australia

SPEED REDUCTION: From 40 km/h to 30 km/h



  • Speed limit signs
  • Community consultation

COST: $5,000-$10,000


  • Reduction in driver speeds (85th percentile speeds reduced by 4.27km/h, from 48.0km/h to 43.7km/h)
  • Trafic volumes and crash numbers reduced (small sample)
  • 55% of those who live in a new 40km/h area, do not support the change in speed limit with suburbs closest to the Adelaide CBD being mostly in support, and those suburbs furthest from the CBD being mostly against
  • Some residents feel that the speed limits are confusing, ignored, inconvenient, revenue raising, increase road rage and add too much time to their trips, and that they don’t improve amenity, safety for all road users or reduce the chance of crashes
  • Most residents who are against the 40km/h areas do not agree that drivers travel too fast, or that they don’t look out for pedestrians or cyclists on their streets
  • Most residents who are in support are those who perceive driving behaviour to be an issue on their local street
  • Residents are slightly less supportive now, compared to before the 40 areas were installed
  • Support is strongest among young families, females, older residents and active transport users
  • Opinions are mixed about whether more police enforcement is necessary
  • Residents feel that the current number of signs is enough, but some feel they should be placed in clearer locations
  • Only 30% feel that speed limits on their own are enough, and many would also like roundabouts, speed humps, chicanes or raised intersections
  • Most feel that 40km/h areas are one of the least effective ways to reduce speed
  • 3 in 4 residents feel that the 40km/h area has had a positive impact on their safety, but 4 in 5 report a negative impact on their travel
  • Suburbs that are largely opposed, report that the negative impact on their travel is higher than the positive impact on their safety


  • Confusion is areas where speed limit changes multiple times