The Safe Active Street (SAS) Program’s vision is to create shared street spaces that provide a convenient travel option within a safe and attractive environment for people riding and walking of all ages and abilities.

To achieve the vision of the SAS Program the following objectives have been established:

  • Reduce vehicle numbers and vehicle speeds.
  • Increase the number of people of all ages and abilities making local trips by riding and walking.
  • Increase the number of riding and walking trips throughout the week.
  • Safe Active Street users, residents and the wider community recognise Safe Active Streets as safe and comfortable places to walk and ride.

The SAS Pilot Program is being evaluated in line with DoT’s SAS Pilot Program Evaluation Plan, which has adopted a summative evaluation framework that considers impacts, cost effectiveness and comparability between projects. The SAS Pilot Program Evaluation Plan clearly details in an Outcomes Measurement Framework the specific indicators, targets, and data sources to adequately evaluate the program.