This page contains some key resources on walking and cycling, including an archive of the documents produced by the Australian Bicycle Council.

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Tasmanian Walking and Cycling for Active Transport Strategy
Department of State Growth

The Tasmanian Walking and Cycling for Active Transport Strategy is a key component of the Tasmanian Urban Passenger Transport Framework, which aims to promote walking and cycling as viable and desirable forms of transport through improved infrastructure, land use planning and behavioural change. The Strategy is intended to guide development of walking and cycling as transport options in our urban areas over the long-term by creating a more supportive transport system for pedestrians and cyclists.

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Guide to Sharing Roads and Paths
Transport Canberra and City Services

The Australian Road Rules apply to road users in the ACT, including cyclists. The ACT's Road Transport (Safety and Traffic Management) Regulation 2000 provides some deviation from these, specific for cyclists in the ACT.

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Active Commuting
Transport Canberra and City Services

Re-think your work journey to save time and money. Active travel is a great way to incorporate regular physical exercise into your daily routine.

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Active Travel Programs
Transport Canberra and City Services

School environments are busy during the morning and afternoon peak periods. The best way to reduce congestion and increase safety in these environments is to encourage more children to use active travel, which includes walking, riding or public transport.

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Transport for Canberra
Transport Canberra and City Services

The strategy for transport planning in the ACT to 2031

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Building an Integrated Transport Network - Active Travel
Transport Canberra and City Services

The ACT Government's Building an Integrated Transport Network (the Active Travel Framework) recognises that walking and cycling are essential parts of Canberra's transport system. Through active travel initiatives, we're integrating walking and cycling into Canberra's overall urban planning, transport, health, environment and education systems.

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New Paths on New Projects
Department of Transport, Victoria

Every major new transport project – from North East Link to the West Gate Tunnel – now includes new or upgraded infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians.

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Active Transport Victoria
Department of Transport, Victoria

The Victorian Government has committed $15.3 million in the Victorian Budget 2019/20 towards Active Transport Victoria projects to deliver key upgrades for safer walking and cycling.

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Sydney CBD to Parramatta Strategic Transport Plan
Transport for NSW

The Sydney CBD to Parramatta Strategic Transport Plan is a transport plan to improve the way people move along and around one of Sydney’s most important and busiest areas, the corridor between Sydney CBD and Parramatta.

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Cycling and Walking Maps
Department of Infrastructure and Transport, SA

Hard copy Cycling and Walking Maps will assist you to make active travel choices in Adelaide’s metropolitan suburbs. You can use the maps to plan safe walking or cycling routes to local shops, parks and services.

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10 Year Infrastructure Plan 2019
Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics, NT

The reviewed Plan aims to help industry with its own planning and workforce management, and inform decision-making across all levels of government. Over the longer term, the Infrastructure Plan sets direction for planning and delivering infrastructure in the Northern Territory.

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Your Move
Department of Transport, WA

Your Move is an active lifestyle program that helps people find simple ways to get active and connected. Your Move offers information and support to make it easier to get active.

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Australasian Pedestrian Crossing Facility Selection Tool

The Pedestrian Facility Selection Tool is designed to help Australian and New Zealand practitioners select the most appropriate type of pedestrian crossing based on walkability, safety and economic outcomes.

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Queensland Walking Strategy
Department of Transport and Main Roads, Queensland

Queensland’s first walking strategy recognises the critical role that walking plays as part of a single integrated transport system accessible to everyone and as part of a healthy, active lifestyle for all Queenslanders.

Includes Queensland Walking Strategy 2019-2029, Action Plan for Walking, Walking in Queensland Report.

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Walking Space Guide
Transport for NSW

The Walking Space Guide (Guide) provides a set of standards and tools to assist those responsible for Walking Spaces on streets, to ensure that sufficient space is provided to achieve comfortable environments which encourage people to walk.

The Guide offers a clear, consistent set of standards and processes to be applied in designing, planning and implementing the amount of space to be provided according to the intensity of use. It is intended that designs are appropriate to the number of people using footpaths.

This guide contains the method for carrying out a Walking Space assessment and offers guidance on how to understand the results. The guide includes an accompanying spreadsheet for recording data and calculating results.

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