This page contains some key resources on walking and cycling, including an archive of the documents produced by the Australian Bicycle Council.

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Movement Strategy
City of Darwin

The Movement Strategy aims to make it easier for all people to move around our suburbs and city by improving streetscapes, infrastructure and connectivity while reducing the impact of transport on the environment. The Movement Strategy creates a framework and direction to align investment and policy decisions with the aspirations of the community. 

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Cycling Grants
Department for Infrastructure and Transport, South Australia

South Australian local government councils can apply for the State Bicycle Fund. Applications are invited to be submitted early in the year for the following financial year's program.

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10 Year Infrastructure Plan 2019
Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics, NT

The reviewed Plan aims to help industry with its own planning and workforce management, and inform decision-making across all levels of government. Over the longer term, the Infrastructure Plan sets direction for planning and delivering infrastructure in the Northern Territory.

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