This page contains some key resources on walking and cycling, including an archive of the documents produced by the Australian Bicycle Council.

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Safe Active Streets Pilot Program
Department of Transport WA

Department of Transport WA has been working with Western Australian local governments to develop, trial and evaluate ‘safe active streets’ which use local area traffic management treatments to encourage more people to walk, wheel and ride in their communities.

18/03/2024 View
Get NSW Active
Transport for NSW

The Get NSW Active program provides local councils with funding for projects that create safe, easy and enjoyable walking and cycling trips. These trips help to relieve pressure on our roads and public transport networks and are part of a healthy lifestyle for NSW communities.

01/05/2023 View
Movement and Place
Transport for NSW

Movement and Place is a cross-government framework for planning, designing and managing our transport networks to maximise benefits for the people and places they serve.

14/06/2022 View
Active Transport to School
Transport for NSW
12/04/2022 View
Cycle Safe Communities
Amy Gillett Foundation

Cycle Safe Communities provides community groups, councils and organisations access to cycle safety campaign resources.

Developed by the Amy Gillett Foundation, Cycle Safe Communities enables consistent messaging about bike rider safety to be adopted and embedded in the Australian community. Everyone has the right to ride safely for work and play. A safer future is possible!

12/04/2022 View
Streets for People
Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency

Creating a healthier future by putting people and place at the heart of our streets.

07/04/2022 View
Cycling Skills and Training
Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency

A national cycling education system called BikeReady to increase the reach of cycling education in New Zealand. The system will improve quality and consistencies based on best practice, and, provide a monitoring and evaluation framework so we can assess how effective the system is at improving safety and encouraging more people to ride.

12/08/2021 View
Move more, sit less
Tasmanian Government

The Move more, sit less campaign aims to raise awareness of the benefits of regular physical activity and minimising sedentary behaviour.

30/07/2021 View
Active Commuting
Transport Canberra and City Services

Re-think your work journey to save time and money. Active travel is a great way to incorporate regular physical exercise into your daily routine.

22/07/2021 View
Active Travel Programs
Transport Canberra and City Services

School environments are busy during the morning and afternoon peak periods. The best way to reduce congestion and increase safety in these environments is to encourage more children to use active travel, which includes walking, riding or public transport.

21/07/2021 View
New Paths on New Projects
Department of Transport, Victoria

Every major new transport project – from North East Link to the West Gate Tunnel – now includes new or upgraded infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians.

16/07/2021 View
Active Transport Victoria
Department of Transport, Victoria

The Victorian Government has committed $15.3 million in the Victorian Budget 2019/20 towards Active Transport Victoria projects to deliver key upgrades for safer walking and cycling.

16/07/2021 View
Safer CBD Cycling Connections
Department of Transport, Victoria

100kms of new and improved cycling routes across key inner-city suburbs to make it easier and safer for people to cycle to and from the CBD.
This $13 million investment will deliver pop-up lanes to help relieve congestion and provide an alternative to public transport for those living closer to the city.

16/07/2021 View
Strategic Cycling Corridors
Department of Transport, Victoria

Strategic Cycling Corridors are important transport routes for cycling and are a subset of the Principal Bicycle Network.

16/07/2021 View
Way2Go Bike Education
Department for Infrastructure and Transport, South Australia

Bike education

15/07/2021 View
Greenways and Bike Boulevards
Department for Infrastructure and Transport, South Australia

Greenways are dedicated walking and cycling routes following public transport corridors or linear open space, such as along rivers.
Greenways routes typically connect quiet local streets with new off-street paths and arterial road crossings, creating direct cycling routes and better access to public transport stops and stations. Connections to open space, schools and commercial areas are also improved.

15/07/2021 View
Your Move
Department of Transport, WA

Your Move is an active lifestyle program that helps people find simple ways to get active and connected. Your Move offers information and support to make it easier to get active.

07/07/2021 View
Safe Active Streets Program
Department of Transport, WA

An innovative program designed to make streets, friendlier and safer for all users including people in cars and those riding bikes and walking.

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