This page contains some key resources on walking and cycling, including an archive of the documents produced by the Australian Bicycle Council.

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Active Travel Plan and Design Guide
ACT Government

This Plan outlines ACT Government priorities for strengthening active travel and improving quality of life. Projects included throughout demonstrate what these priorities mean in practice.

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Planning for walking
Department of Transport and Main Roads, Queensland


17/07/2023 View
Disability Access and Inclusion Plan 2020-2022
Department for Infrastructure and Transport, South Australia

The Disability Access and Inclusion Plan details the Department for Infrastructure and Transport’s commitment to promoting, protecting and enhancing the rights of people living with disability in South Australia. The Plan includes clear and measurable actions and targets designed through community and Departmental consultation to give effect to the priority areas of the first State Disability Inclusion Plan 2019-2023, as they relate to the purpose and activities of the Department.

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Disability Inclusion Action Plan 2018 – 2022
Transport for NSW

The NSW Government is funding numerous projects under the Transport Access Program to upgrade train stations, ferry wharves and interchanges. New infrastructure, such as the Sydney Metro Northwest and the CBD and South East Light Rail, are being built to the very highest standards of accessibility.

We have invested in new trains, buses and ferries – all which have improved accessibility features.

The Disability Inclusion Action Plan 2018-2022 builds upon the successes of the previous plan, the Disability Action Plan 2012-2017, to set an ambitious agenda for the next five years.

This document presents a vision of a more accessible future for transport in NSW. More importantly, it outlines concrete, measurable steps towards achieving that vision.

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Disability Access and Inclusion Plan
Department of Transport, Main Roads Western Australia and Public Transport Authority

The PTA, together with our Transport Portfolio partners Main Roads and the Department of Transport, has developed the Transport Portfolio Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (DAIP) for 2022-2027.

The DAIP aims to ensure that people with a disability have the same opportunity as other people to access PTA public transport services, information and facilities.

The PTA has also developed the PTA Implementation Plan for Transport Portfolio Disability Access and Inclusion Plan which demonstrates our commitment to providing a high level of independence for all passengers.

19/05/2023 View
Accessibility and Inclusion Plan 2023–2024
Department of Main Roads and Transport Queensland

The TMR Accessibility and Inclusion Plan 2023–2024 was developed to outline the practical actions TMR will take over the next 2 years to deliver our vision. 

To develop the plan, we looked at best practice research, data and analysis, international accessibility and inclusion reporting frameworks, key indicators of success, and we engaged our customers, partners and staff.

This plan outlines 27 actions across 3 key pillars:

  1. Strategy
  2. Culture
  3. Process

We will report our progress on the plan actions and in 2024 we will develop an updated plan based on key learnings, co-design activities and emerging trends. 

This plan is available in the following accessible formats: 

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Personal mobility device plans
Deaprtment of Transport and Main Roads, Queensland

Personal mobility devices include things like e-scooters, e-skateboards and self-balancing one or two-wheelers.

The recent boom in the use of personal mobility devices has created some safety issues as riders share a range of infrastructure with other road and path users. 

Shared e-scooter and e-bike hire schemes have also become commonplace across Queensland. While these schemes are a great mobility option, they have created some problems with parking on footpaths.

To address safety and parking concerns Deaprtment of Transport and Main Roads, Queensland are delivering:

  • Personal Mobility Device Safety Action Plan
  • e-Mobility Parking Plan
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Waka Kotahi Cycling Action Plan
Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency

The Waka Kotahi Cycling Action Plan sets out a pathway to significantly increase the safety and attractiveness of cycling and micromobility in towns and cities across Aotearoa New Zealand.

It outlines the strategic priorities for Waka Kotahi, and includes the detailed actions we will take, alongside our partners, to help achieve the substantial shifts required. While it is not a funding plan, it will help inform future transport prioritisation and investment decisions.

01/05/2023 View
Active Travel to School Roadmap 2023-2030
Department of Transport WA

The Active Travel to School Roadmap aims to reverse the declining rate of walking and cycling to school in Perth.

Containing 24 initiatives, the Roadmap seeks to address key urban planning, policy, individual and social factors, and enable more children to walk, bike ride, scoot and catch public transport to school.

The Roadmap was developed by a dedicated Active Travel to School Working Group, which was established by the Bicycle Riding Reference Group, and has been endorsed by the Departments of Transport, Education and Health, the Road Safety Commission, the Western Australian Local Government Association and the Institute of Public Works and Engineering Australasia.

Delivery of the Roadmap will commence in 2023 and progress will be reported to the Bicycle Riding Reference Group.

21/03/2023 View
Keeping Cities Moving
Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency

Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency has developed a plan to deliver on social, environmental and economic outcomes by growing the share of travel by public transport, walking and cycling (also known as mode shift).
For urban areas to thrive people need to be able to move around easily and have a range of choices about how they get to work, connect with family and friends and access services. We need to build a modern transport system with a mix of reliable transport options that help keep people and products safely moving.
The Waka Kotahi plan – Keeping cities moving – looks to do this through three main ways: shaping urban form, making shared and active modes more attractive, and influencing travel demand and transport choices.
The plan outlines 35 interventions that seek to increase the pace of change in cities and ensure that investment is targeted to help provide more transport choice and ultimately reduce car dependency.

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NSW Regional Transport Plans
Transport for NSW

Major gains on key transport infrastructure and services for the region’s growing communities.

Central Coast, Central West, Hunter, Illawarra, Mid North Coast, Murray-Murrumbidgee, New England North West, Northern Rivers, Southern, Western

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NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan
Transport for NSW

The NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan sets the framework for the NSW Government to deliver an integrated, modern transport system that puts the customer first. The Master Plan plays two fundamental roles. First, it identifies the challenges that the transport system in NSW needs to address to support the State’s economic and social performance over the next 20 years. It guides decision-makers to prioritise actions that address the most pressing challenges.
Second, it identifies a planned and coordinated set of actions (reforms, service improvements and investments) to address those challenges. It provides a map of future service and infrastructure developments which future decisions will be required to support, and against which proposed investments can be evaluated.

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Towards Zero Growth: Healthy Weight Action Plan
ACT Government Department of Health

The action plan establishes local action to build on the work of the National Partnership Agreement on Preventive Health, the work of clinicians and nongovernment bodies, and on the many ACT programs already in place under our Healthy Weight Initiative. It will take the healthy weight agenda beyond the Health portfolio and improve coordination across government.

21/07/2021 View
City Plan
ACT Government

This City Plan sets a vision for future development in the city centre and was officially launched in March 2014.

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Building an Integrated Transport Network - Active Travel
Transport Canberra and City Services

The ACT Government's Building an Integrated Transport Network (the Active Travel Framework) recognises that walking and cycling are essential parts of Canberra's transport system. Through active travel initiatives, we're integrating walking and cycling into Canberra's overall urban planning, transport, health, environment and education systems.

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Sydney CBD to Parramatta Strategic Transport Plan
Transport for NSW

The Sydney CBD to Parramatta Strategic Transport Plan is a transport plan to improve the way people move along and around one of Sydney’s most important and busiest areas, the corridor between Sydney CBD and Parramatta.

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10 Year Infrastructure Plan 2019
Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics, NT

The reviewed Plan aims to help industry with its own planning and workforce management, and inform decision-making across all levels of government. Over the longer term, the Infrastructure Plan sets direction for planning and delivering infrastructure in the Northern Territory.

13/07/2021 View
Towards Zero Action Plan 2018-22
Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics, NT

This five-year road safety action plan focuses on key priority areas to reduce the rate of fatality and serious injury on Territory roads.

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Principal Cycle Network Plans
Department of Transport and Main Roads, Queensland

Principal Cycle Network Plans show core routes needed to get more people cycling more often. Routes shown are indicative and exist to guide further planning. The plans are intended to support, guide and inform the planning, design and construction of the transport network.

Read the Queensland Principal Cycle Network Update - Results of 2022 Community Consultation report to learn more about the consultation process and feedback received. 

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WA Bicycle Network Plan
Department of Transport, WA

The WABN Plan aims to make WA a place where cycling is safe, connected, and convenient and a widely accepted form of transport.

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