This page contains some key resources on walking and cycling, including an archive of the documents produced by the Australian Bicycle Council.

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Transport for NSW Economic Parameter Values
Transport for NSW

This document recommends economic parameter values for common benefits and costs in transport economic appraisals. By providing best-practice approaches and economic parameter values, this document supports the consistent application of cost-benefit analysis (CBA) across the NSW Transport cluster.

15/07/2021 View
Economic Parameter Values
Transport for NSW

This spreadheet provides all tables in the Transport for NSW Economic Parameter Values.

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Cycling and Public Transport
Adelaide Metro

Information on bikes and the public transport network.

14/07/2021 View
Bike User Guide
Department of Transport and Main Roads, Queensland

Riding a bike is part of Queensland life. With a few tips and a bit of advice, it’s easy to get rolling.

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Walking Space Guide
Transport for NSW

The Walking Space Guide (Guide) provides a set of standards and tools to assist those responsible for Walking Spaces on streets, to ensure that sufficient space is provided to achieve comfortable environments which encourage people to walk.

The Guide offers a clear, consistent set of standards and processes to be applied in designing, planning and implementing the amount of space to be provided according to the intensity of use. It is intended that designs are appropriate to the number of people using footpaths.

This guide contains the method for carrying out a Walking Space assessment and offers guidance on how to understand the results. The guide includes an accompanying spreadsheet for recording data and calculating results.

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