Cycling and Walking Australia and New Zealand (CWANZ) Communique September 2018 

Mission Statement 

To collaborate in the national interest to implement strategies and actions that will rapidly improve the conditions for and uptake of cycling and walking on Australia and New Zealand transport and recreation networks 

CWANZ Meeting # 3 – Strategy Planning 

CWANZ held a strategy planning session on 20 September 2018 in Sydney, hosted by Transport for NSW. There were 16 full members in attendance, either in person or via teleconference. A full list of member organisations is provided in Appendix A. 

The aims of the meeting were to: 

1. Develop the structure for the CWANZ Position Statement for Greater Investment in Walking and Cycling; 2. Agree on CWANZ’s Vision and key messages; and 3. Identify the next steps. 

This document provides a summary of the outcomes of the meeting. 

1. CWANZ Position Statement for Greater Investment in Walking and Cycling 

CWANZ will prepare a position statement and information document to be presented to key decision makers by the end of 2018. The document will provide information in an easy-to-read format presenting the case for increased government funding for walking and cycling infrastructure. The main document will be short (approximately four pages) with additional information about key issues regarding walking and cycling to be provided as required. 

2. Participation Surveys 

The next National Cycling Participation Survey (NCPS) is due to be conducted in 2019. Before commissioning the survey, CWANZ agreed to undertake a review of the NCPS to establish: 

i. Whether the NCPS should continue; ii. If so, what are its aims; iii. What are the best methods to achieve those aims; iv. How can walking be included; and v. What questions should be included. 

To date a methodological review of the NCPS has been conducted, as well as a literature review of similar walking and cycling surveys elsewhere in the world, and these two reports will contribute to the review. 

CWANZ members broadly supported the continuation of a participation survey, subject to the outcomes of the review. The Terms of Reference for the Working Group will be drafted shortly. 

3. Working Groups 

The following working groups were formed to complete some of the Action Points identified below. The working groups are: 

1. Position Statement for Greater Investment in Walking and Cycling 2. Decision Makers 3. Data Standards 4. National Participation Survey 

4. Action Points 

CWANZ will focus on the following actions over the next 12 months: 

  1. Prepare position statement by November 2018. 
  2. Draft standards and minimum data required for measuring walking and cycling. 
  3. Identify and engage with key decision makers. 
  4. Undertake a review of the participation surveys. 
  5. Identify national road safety issues relating to walking and cycling to inform documentation and messages. 
5. Next Meeting 

The meeting formats for 2019 will be reviewed over the remainder of 2018. The aim will be to hold a number of tele/video conferences for particular topics at key review and decision times, and reserve face to face meetings for high level strategic items. The next meeting schedule for 2019 will be added to the CWANZ website by the end of 2019. 

Appendix A – CWANZ Members 

 Transport Canberra and City Services Directorate, ACT Government 

 Transport for NSW 

 Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics, Northern Territory Government 

 Department of Transport and Main Roads, Queensland 

 Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure, South Australia 

 Department of State Growth, Tasmania 

 Transport Accident Commission, Victoria 

 Department of Transport, Western Australia 

 New Zealand Transport Agency 

 Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities, Australian Federal Government (observer status) 

 Active Transport, Victoria (observer status) 

 Amy Gillett Foundation 

 Bicycle Network 

 Bicycle Queensland 

 Cycle Action Network 

 Heart Foundation 

 Living Streets Aotearoa 

 RAC Western Australia 

 Victoria Walks 

 We Ride Australia 

 Auckland Transport 

 Cairns Regional Council 

 Central Coast Council 

 City of Parramatta 


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